About us

Teaching Aid Ghana

Teaching Aid Ghana is a nonprofit making organization for Voluntary Work. It was established in 2005 to help provide teaching and a developmental services in the deprived communities of Ghana It was founded to help deprived children in schools and also provide developmental and educational support in the three northern regions of Ghana.

Teaching Aid Ghana’s vision is to eliminate illiteracy and ignorance in the deprived rural areas of Ghana. In the process it aims to stay committed to gender equality and tolerance in an open society. Our programs include teaching in deprived schools, orphanage assistant work, Construction work-Building, painting and renovation of school, healthcare-working in Hospitals, journalism and HIV/AIDS sensitization, conservation.


Teachinhg Aid Ghana has so much to offer Volunteers. Ghana is the best place to volunteer and with us you will really enjoy your stay and really make an impact in the lives of the deprived people. Volunteer abroad with us and contribute to the world in a meaningful way.